steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡steamasf挂卡ValvejustaddeddigitalgiftcardstoSteam,allowingyoutosendmoneydirectlytoafriend’sSteamWallet.YoucanalsousethesametrickweusedaddingSteamWalletfundstosendalmos…


steam asf挂卡

steam asf挂卡

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡

Valve just added digital gift cards to Steam, allowing you to send money directly to a friend’s Steam Wallet. You can also use the same trick we used adding Steam Wallet funds to send almost any amount—not just the preset values.

Valve刚刚在Steam上添加了数字礼品卡 ,使您可以直接向朋友的Steam Wallet汇款。 您还可以使用添加Steam Wallet资金相同的技巧来发送几乎所有金额,而不仅仅是发送预设值。

选择礼品卡 (Choosing a Gift Card)

You can pick a gift card from the the Select Gift Card page, also accessible from Steam’s front page. In the US, your gift card options are $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100. If your friend is in a different country or uses a different currency than you, the amount you select will be converted to their local currency.

您可以从“ 选择礼品卡”页面 (也可以从Steam的首页访问)中选择礼品卡 。 在美国,您的礼品卡选项为$ 5,$ 10,$ 25,$ 50或$ 100。 如果您的朋友与您所在的国家/地区不同或使用的货币不同,则您选择的金额将转换为他们的当地货币。

The background of each card is made of banners for the top selling titles in its price range. The image is dynamic, and updates with sales and new releases. Keep in mind that games may cost different amounts from region to region, and that this page doesn’t account for taxes, which are applied in some states and countries.

每张卡的背景均由横幅组成,这些横幅是其价格范围内最畅销的产品的标题。 该映像是动态的,并且会随着销售和新版本进行更新。 请记住,每个地区的游戏费用可能会有所不同,并且此页面未计入某些州和国家/地区适用的税费。

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡

发送自定义金额 (Sending a Custom Amount)

What if you want to send $15, or some other amount not offered by Valve? Fortunately, you can set a custom amount with a similar method we used for Steam Wallet.

如果您想发送$ 15或Valve不提供的其他金额怎么办? 幸运的是,您可以使用类似于Steam Wallet的方法来设置自定义金额。

If you hover over a gift card, you can see the JavaScript function that will be called when you click. submitSelectGiftCard(); will send you to the next page with a gift card in your cart. When you click the $10 card, for example, your browser will submitSelectGiftCard( 1000 );.

如果将鼠标悬停在礼品卡上,则可以看到单击时将调用JavaScript函数。 submitSelectGiftCard(); 会将您带到购物车中的礼品卡转到下一页。 例如,当您单击$ 10卡时,浏览器将submitSelectGiftCard( 1000 );

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡

By using your browser’s JavaScript console, we can manually call the function with whatever value we want. Open Chrome’s JS console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J. On Firefox, the combination is Ctrl+Shift+K.

通过使用浏览器JavaScript控制台,我们可以使用所需的任何值手动调用该函数。 按下Ctrl + Shift + J,打开Chrome的JS控制台。 在Firefox上,组合键为Ctrl + Shift + K。

Now, type in submitSelectGiftCard(x); where x is the amount of money you want to send in cents. When you click the $5 button, it calls submitSelectGiftCard( 500 ); , so when I added $13.37 in this example, I entered submitSelectGiftCard( 1337 ); .

现在,键入submitSelectGiftCard(x); 其中x是您想以美分发送的金额。 当您单击$ 5按钮时,它将调用submitSelectGiftCard( 500 ); ,因此在此示例中,当我添加$ 13.37时,我输入了submitSelectGiftCard( 1337 );

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡

In my testing, I found $5.00 to be the minimum you can send, and $200.00 to be the max. Don’t be afraid to mess around and try different values, since there are still a few more steps and confirmation before you get charged.

在我的测试中,我发现$ 5.00是您可以发送的最小值,$ 200.00是最大值。 不要害怕弄乱并尝试不同的值,因为在您付费之前还有更多步骤和确认。

发送礼品卡 (Sending the Gift Card)

From here, the process is almost the same as sending a game as a gift on Steam. You’ll be brought to your friends list, but you might be asked to log in first.

从这里开始,过程几乎与在Steam上将游戏作为礼物发送的过程相同。 您将被带到朋友列表,但可能会要求您先登录。

When sending a game as a gift, this page gives you the option to schedule its delivery. That functionality isn’t available for gift cards yet.

在将游戏作为礼物发送时,此页面为您提供了安排游戏交付的选项。 该功能尚不适用于礼品卡。

Be careful to select the correct friend. Nicknames you’ve set in the friends list are not displayed here. To help keep you safe, you can only select someone you’ve been friends with for at least three days. Double check you’ve got the right friend, then click Continue.

请小心选择正确的朋友。 您在朋友列表中设置的昵称不会在此处显示。 为了确保您的安全,您只能选择与您成为至少三天好友的人。 仔细检查您是否有合适的朋友,然后单击继续。

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡

You can attach a short message to your gift as well. Once you send the gift, this message will be sent as an email to your friend, and will also appear as a popup the next time they open Steam. Click continue to move on to payment.

您也可以在礼物上附加一条短信。 发送礼物后,此消息将作为电子邮件发送给您的朋友,并且在他们下次打开Steam时也将显示为弹出窗口。 点击继续以继续付款。

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡

Your payment options are mostly the same as they usually are on Steam. Unfortunately, you can’t use your Steam Wallet funds to send a gift card. You have your usual pick of PayPal, credit cards, or Bitcoin. Choose your payment method, fill out the form, and click Continue.

您的付款方式与Steam上的付款方式大部分相同。 不幸的是,您无法使用Steam钱包的资金来发送礼品卡。 您可以选择贝宝,信用卡或比特币。 选择付款方式,填写表格,然后单击继续。

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡

At the review page, you can see the amount of the gift card ($13.37 in my case), gift recipient, and billing information. When you’re ready to send, check the ToS box and hit Purchase.

在查看页面上,您可以看到礼品卡的金额(在我的情况下为13.37美元),礼品接收者和账单信息。 准备发送时,请选中“ ToS”框,然后单击“购买”。

steam asf挂卡_如何发送任何金额的Steam数字礼品卡


steam asf挂卡

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